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Now that you have decided to invest in a Gold IRA Rollover, the next step is to research and select the best company to handle your retirement and investment portfolio. Planning for retirement is important, and equally important is ensuring that ybusinessmanou have a reliable, trustworthy IRA custodian managing your account. After all, you and even your descendants may be wholly dependent on your IRA someday.


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What We Believe

Here at Gold IRA Rollovers Guide, we strongly believe that investing in a gold-backed IRA is a very good decision. Not only do gold and other precious metals withstand market fluctuations and market downturns better than paper currency or stock investments, but gold has been proven to retain value for millennia. Whether you look at the ancient Egyptians or European monarchies or even modern day society, gold is real, with real value, and has never been worth zero. Don’t suffer through another day worrying whether or not your retirement portfolio will last the current economic crisis. Invest in gold and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your retirement is secured by real, physical assets that you can store wherever you choose.

On this website, we have conducted extensive research in order to provide you with real and honest reviews of many of the leading gold investment companies. Here is a list of some of the main companies out there based on our order of preference, outlined below.



  1. Regal Assets (Recommended!) Five Star TrustLink Rating; A+ from the BBB
  2. Merit Financial / Merit Gold – Five Star TrustLink Rating; A+ from the BBB
  3. Lear Capital – Four Star TrustLink Rating; A+ from the BBB
  4. Lexi Capital – Five Star TrustLink Rating; A- from the BBB
  5. Rosland Capital – Three Star TrustLink Rating; A+ from the BBB
  6. Goldline International – Two Star TrustLink Rating; C+ from the BBB

(Please click on any of the above-referenced companies for detailed reviews on each.)

We compiled this list and determined our recommended Gold IRA Rollover company of choice to be REGAL ASSETS (Click Here To Learn Why) based on three criteria:

  1. Better Business Bureau grading and complaints
  2. TrustLink customer reviews and complaints, and
  3. personal experience interacting with each company.

While many of the above-referenced companies had their strong points, we ultimately decided that Regal Assets was the best company in terms of positive reviews, extremely low complaints, and a solid A+ ranking from the better business bureau.


Our #1 Gold IRA Rollover Company of Choice:

Regal Assets

TestimonialsRecommended Packages

Regal Assets Review

BBB: Rating of A+, 1 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months

TrustLink: tl_5stars_lg based on 191 Reviews –


Regal Assets Stands Out Among the Rest


The other companies mentioned above simply had too many complaints, bad reviews on TrustLink,pushy salespeople, aggressive marketing tactics, were generally rude, or were not completely transparent in their marketing efforts.

As a matter of fact, a lack of transparency is one of the most troubling issues we found when dealing with most of the gold investment companies other than Regal Assets. When conducting research for these reviews, we found that many gold companies have hidden fees, hidden charges, deceptive marketing methods and pushy sales tactics.

However, we were happy to find that Regal Assets was different. We called Regal Assets several times to request information on a gold IRA rollover. Much to our surprise (especially after dealing with several other companies) was that the Regal Assets representative did not immediately call and try to bully us into investing with their company. Rather, the salesperson began the conversation with, “Thank you for your interest in Regal Assets. May we send you a free investors kit and answer any questions you may have?” I accepted, asked a few questions, and that was that. At no point did I ever feel harassed or pressured to invest.

The public reviews of Regal Assets also impressed us. While other gold investment companies had negative reviews, lower Better Business Bureau grades or numerous complaints, Regal Assets had virtually none of the negativity present with much of the competitor gold IRA rollover companies.


Regal Assets Knows Gold IRA Rollovers

The account managers are Regal Assets are extremely knowledge with not only gold investment options, but also in smoothly processing gold IRA rollovers. Going with the wrong company can not only be costly in terms of hidden fees and poor customer service, but incorrectly processing the rollover could open your retirement account up to taxes and penalties! This is not a concern when dealing with Regal Assets. The customer service representatives I spoke with answered all my questions on the spot without hesitation, and being a gold investor myself, I could tell I was speaking with experienced professionals.


Guaranteed Delivery

Another benefit of Regal Assets that blew us away was the “7 Day Delivery Guarantee”. In other words, once funds clear and the transaction has been processed, Regal Assets will guarantee your precious metals will be delivered within 7 business days. I challenge any investor to find a guarantee like that anywhere else in the industry!



For those reasons, we recommend REGAL ASSETS for your gold investment or gold IRA rollover. For more information on Regal Assets, please CLICK HERE for our Regal Assets Review. Or, if you are ready to request your free gold investors, please click the link below.



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